Opinion: Why isn't every day Valentine's Day?

Are you in a loving relationship, counting down the hours until your special evening with your special someone?

Well here’s news for you – it’s all a sham.

Let’s just get some perspective here on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is often regarded as a commercially-encouraged occasion or a ‘Hallmark holiday’.

But there’s plenty of romantics aching for the date, mostly to add some sort of spice to a relationship otherwise absent the days leading in or ensuing.

The cynicism comes on the back of questioning why every day isn’t Valentine’s Day.

It’s because a special occasion and a showing of genuine affection are far more effective and potent when received without prompting.

A gift received on a birthday is far less likely to produce the emphatic response than a gift received randomly.

Giving and sharing honest piety with loved ones is being diluted by occasions like Valentine’s Day, designed to force us to reserve something special for a specific time.


Stockpiling affection is especially worrying in modern times, as more and more of us change our social habits to adapt to technology.

The younger generations are choosing to rely on digital relationships, and passing on learning basic social skills like genuine conversation, complimenting strangers, and, of course, the dying art of flirting.

Like digital living, Valentine’s Day is another excuse for us to pass on what comes naturally, and what’s often more difficult - to play the safe option.

To put on a facade and remain guarded rather than putting it all out there when it really matters.

For those flying solo on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret – the day isn’t actually the peak of romantic happiness.

Be thankful you’re not relying on societal norms and pressure to be happy, or dictate how you’re supposed to show affection on February 14.

Because while some believe love is a romantic midweek dinner in a packed restaurant, it’s actually not.

The unplanned and the spontaneous are what really matters in genuine loving relationships.

Love is natural.

And it’s a huge part of ours lives.

We all want bigger and better, and to live big, you need to love big.