Immovable Magna: abandoned car a headache for authorities

A car abandoned near Griffith Cemetery more than two months ago is proving a headache for both Griffith City Council and nearby residents.

The silver Magna, located on the grass strip alongside Wakaden street, is an eyesore that has clearly impeded the trimming of the lawn – with Council staff having to mow around it.  

The vehicle’s hubcaps are missing, but the car appears to be in satisfactory condition. 

As the car is still registered, and not clearly causing any danger, authorities appear to be hamstrung by law in terms of what they can do.  

Griffith Local Area Command Inspector Nick Sedden said, “unless the car is in a dangerous position, or obstructing traffic, Police don’t have the powers to remove it”. 

NSW Roads and Maritime Services informed us vehicles abandoned on local roads are the responsibility of local councils. 

Griffith City Council said they are taking action, but are restricted in how they can act – for now at least. 

“The car's registration is due to expire later in February - notices have been issued to the current owner and Council will act once the registration has expired,” Shireen Donaldson, manager executive services, said. 

“These type of abandoned vehicles are an unsightly nuisance bound by legislation regarding their removal and ultimately, a burden on the ratepayer who will have to fund the removal of the vehicle”.   

The car is located opposite Dobija Print World, but owner Josh Dobija is not too concerned. 

“It’s an eyesore for sure, and I had been wondering why it hadn’t been removed. But it’s far away enough from our business to not cause any issues”. 

Abandoned vehicles have long been a problem across Riverina towns. 

Last year, Wagga council conducted a “fire sale” of vehicles left dumped and abandoned on roadsides.

The unusual car sale featured 20 vehicles, ranging from small sedans to utes, that council had “inherited” after being forced to collect them from public property.

Purchasers had to arrange transport for their vehicles as they did not come with keys.