Words of Wisdom – Let memory of loved ones live on

A few days ago I received news a friend died that morning. It seems to me we spend the first half of our life wanting what we don’t have, and then spend the second half wanting back what we had, but have lost. 

In the happy and holiday times, you feel the loss of loved ones more not less, no matter how many other gifts you receive.

When you lose somebody, your boss gives you a few days off, then you’re expected to get back into life. It’s the last thing you want to do, but the very thing you should. 

If the loved one you lost was very close to you, their absence leaves a hole that never closes up. The hole gets smaller with the passage of years, but it never fully closes.

I don’t think this reality is completely negative. 

God designed us, and the pain is borne out of love, and love is good, so there must be something good in all this pain. 

And there is, and that is the real meaning behind believing in life after death.

If we could have anything in the world, what would we ask for? 


To have all our deceased loved ones back, just as they were. I believe humanity’s greatest wish can be granted. 

We live in an age that sincerely struggles to believe in life after death, even though through technology, we have more reason to believe in the incredible than any generation before us. 

I believe the increasing disbelief lies more in our morality than in our reality. 

Many claim life after death doesn’t make sense; and yet, does anything in life make  any sense without it? 

How many people’s lives have never been the same since they lost someone they deeply loved?  

All of us. 

To have all our deceased loved ones back, just as they were - I believe humanity’s greatest wish can be granted.

Father Brendan Lee.

In nature, from everything that dies and rots, new growth comes forth. We are no exception. 

It is through pain that our heart grows in capacity to love beyond what we thought is possible.

What makes our life sad is not so much what has died in our lost loved ones, but what has died in us.  That’s what causes our sadness. 

You’ve got to start thinking of the dead, not as dead, but as very much alive, as Jesus himself taught. 

Then, what has died in you, can come back to life.