Griffith Pony Club riders at NSW Pony Club State Championships

For four days over the Australia Day weekend three keen and dedicated Griffith Pony Club riders attended the NSW Pony Club State Championships for Show Riding and Dressage in Clarendon.

The weather was hot and humid and the competition fierce, the first 2 days the discipline of showriding was held.

This is described as an event where horse and rider demonstrate their skills on the flat.

The horse is judged on confirmation, paces and manners, whilst riders are judges on their riding ability.

The competitors were Imogen Hanna on Yardah Action Man, Georgia West on Willowcroft Classical and her sister Grace West on Mayflower Burlington.

All riders performed well with Georgia West placing 4th in the bareback and 5th in her hack class. Georgia & Imogen placed 5th in pair of riders & pair of hacks.

The following 2 days were dedicated to Dressage Often referred to as the "gymnastics" of horse training, since it is designed to improve the suppleness and responsiveness of the horse and the skill of the rider.

It is required as basic training for all equestrian events. Competitors must ride standard written tests from memory and are judged on their ability to perform in harmony with their horse.

The West sisters were on the same mounts while Imogen brought her old faithful mount My Haven Mariah out of retirement especially for this event.

Again the hard worked paid off with Imogen Hanna achieving a close run second place and Grace West an 8 th place.

Griffith Pony club and their Zone would like to thank the organisers and host zone for running a great event