Area News letters to the editor - February 5, 2018.

It was pleasing to read that Yoogali and parts of North Griffith have recently received infrastructure improvements to pedestrian access in the way of footpaths. 

It is disappointing that an Australian city and it's surrounding villages have to wait a century for basic infrastructure development.

During 2016/17, I spent many hours phoning and emailing Griffith City Council, NSW Family & Community Services and Murrumbidgee Irrigation to find out who is accountable for the open drainage channels and roadside verges on Walla Avenue and Noorla Street.

A tediously frustrating 18 months later, I was no closer to getting a clear response regarding accountability and possible improvements.

My heart broke and my anger rose, when my daughter informed me in May 2017, that Ms Delphine Charles hadlost her life as a pedestrian on Walla Avenue, less than 100 metres from where Griffith City Council had recently amended the 50km zone to 60km.

This inexplicable 10km increase, opposite a developing housing estate's only entry and exit meant that Delphine only had a 15 per cent chance of survival.

If the speed limit had remained at 50km, Delphine may have had a 45 per cent chance of surviving being hit by a car on a very dark night on a road without street lighting.

If there had been pedestrian accessible paths and lighting around this part of our city, Ms Charles would not have become yet another pedestrian statistic.

Can our "Great" City Council please take a close look at our infrastructure needs and fulfill their obligations and responsibilities as NSW Local Government Members to provide a safe environment  in ALL areas for ALL community members.

Jane Greig, Lake Wyangan.

More calls to become a republic

Concerning Paul Keating's call (yet again) for Australia to become a republic. Paul has always had a hate relationship with Britain's monarchy. It stems from his Irish roots a long time grudge of a political agenda.

Why does he not grasp the reason as to why so many are wanting to escape republican nations to live here in freedom and safety? It's because we are not a republic and their safety from despot leaders is a guarantee.

We only have to observe that crazed Korean leader and his communist regime as he holds his people under his thumb, they dare not think for themselves.

They goosestep like puppets on a string (communist orientated copycats) to keep the master happy.

This leader has the self appointed audacity to hold nations in our world to ransom with his threat of a nuclear strike as he rules his empire with the iron fist of a dictator. His people live in constant fear of what he is likely to do next.

Now this is a classic example we observe and an ever present (day by day reminder) of where we too are heading. Already we have experienced the forerunner to this with the stealthfully and subtle introduction of the politically correct communist orientated agenda.

Such is nurtured along by minority groups and their crazy contrary and oft times unruly unfavourable agendas self serving in themselves. A republic is (control over the people) the removal of their constitutional laws.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.