Area News letters to the editor: January 26, 2018.

Reading Lance Perry's spat in his recent letter to the editor regarding our community radio station it is clear the only real issue he has is that he isn't the one running the show.

STANDING UP: John Power says Ex-2MIA member Lance Perry (pictured) is off the mark, and the average listener isn't concerned with the station's committee.

STANDING UP: John Power says Ex-2MIA member Lance Perry (pictured) is off the mark, and the average listener isn't concerned with the station's committee.

I  don't think the average listener in Griffith really cares to much about how many bodies are on the committee/ executive, or if they hold more than one position or what the constitution has to say- we are talking about a community radio station, not running the country.

Surely most would agree on the great job the people involved have done with this station, in the last few years it has come a long way.


Although Lance may also appear bitter that every religious or cultural denomination is not represented with airtime, you would think a man of his age would be intelligent enough to know that you can't be all things to all people.

Unfortunately most organisations suffer from one or two "empire builders" but considering you handed your membership in Lance and are content to sit on the sidelines and instead throw rocks at those still having a go, perhaps keep a little quiet in future.

Congratulations to all involved in the station, Lance’s absence doesn't seem to have impacted at all.

John Power, Griffith.

Urgent call to slow down

Member for Murray, Austin Evans has urged people packing up the car to go on trips this weekend to slow down, stay alert and be safe on NSW roads.

Mr Evans said there was no room for complacency when driving on all types of roads, whether local, state or inter-state as traffic is expected to be busier than usual with people going away for the Australia Day weekend and families returning from summer holidays for the start of the new school term.

“Road safety is a priority for me here in the Murray Electorate so I ask everyone, whether you are a local or a visitor, to please exercise caution while travelling in and out of our area this coming weekend,” Mr Evans said.

“Remember to stick to the speed limit and take it easy, don’t drive while tired, make sure you have a designated driver or organise another form of transport if you’re drinking. Don’t touch your mobile phone and always wear a seatbelt.

“It was not a good year for road toll in 2017 with 392 people sadly losing their lives and hundreds more seriously injured in NSW.

“Within this tragic number, 22 fatalities were from Murray Electorate in 2017. Tragically, this figure was over three times higher than in 2016.

“The people who lost their lives aren’t just numbers, they are someone’s daughter or son within our community, someone’s father or mother, best friend or neighbour.

“When loss is local it can has devastating effects on families, workplaces and our wider social groups.

“Please don’t let someone you love or care about become a statistic.

“We need to start a new conversation with each other about the way we behave on our roads and bring the road toll closer Towards Zero”.

NSW Police will be cracking down on dangerous road behaviours by issuing fines and double demerit points over the weekend from 00.01am on Thursday, 25 January until 23.59pm on Sunday, 28 January 2018 in a state-wide high visibility enforcement operation called Operation Safe Return.

Austin Evans, Member for Murray.