Area News letters to the editor: January 22, 2018.

Typical – gagging someone who might know something about the Lake Wyangan problems.

I loved Mr Sainty’s comment: “If the Murrumbidgee Irrigation had any brains, they’d work with Council to source water from the better-quality north lake rather than from the south lake”.

If, as I understand it, Mr Sainty is one of Australia’s leading wetland experts, why are the “powers that be” refusing to listen to him.

Reminds me of the general water problem in this area, when everyone refused to listen to a long-time resident, user of water and with ideas that would benefit the system.

Remember Jimmy McGann?

He worked for years and was circumvented by people who had no idea of the system.

And it annoys me that this MI committee, which is obviously keen to have Mr Sainty’s expertise, was stupid enough to think that he would join, and undertake not to talk to the press … apart from the bruising stupidity, it must surely show that they have things to hide.

Why NOT build a treatment wetland around the eastern side of the north lake?”

The water could be held for two to three days,” Mr Sainty said.

He added that the, “plants in the treatment wetland would compete with bacteria to improve the water quality before it enters the lake.”

And he is obviously bewildered by MI refusing to admit the water coming into the lake is of poor quality.

“I’ve seen it, it’s a browny-green colour”, he said.

As it appears the City Council does not agree with Mr. Sainty, I would like to issue a challenge to MI and the Griffith City Council – come clean on what is going on.

If you expect Mr Sainty to keep his mouth shut to the press, then what are you hiding?

Betty Brady, Griffith.

Bill wants to talk the Constitution

Parts of Social Media are alive with protests against the finalisation of a Bill of Rights which will overwrite the Constitution Act.

This is a debate challenge to Sussan with the subject being the Constitution.

There are now voters in 15 Federal electorates who are drafting a booklet to be distributed leading to and during the Federal election campaign.

The local version is entitled ‘Unanswered Debate Challenges to Sussan Ley.'

Brian Mills, Griffith.

Pool gripe

There is no use council build a 50 metre pool if in the middle of summer it closes at 6 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

Andrea Dotta, Griffith.

Young people and suicide

It is important to recognise that suicide is rarely the result of a single event or factor and is a complex and multi-faceted issue.  It is usually a result of a person feeling hopeless about life due to a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Emphasis should be on supporting young people who may be experiencing similar thoughts of hopelessness. Australian Bureau of Statistics data released in 2016, again identified suicide as the leading cause of death for school aged children.

Each week we lose eight children and young people to suicide and as a country we need to continue to work together to change this.

Jason Trethowan, headspace.