Driven up the wall: Vol 2.


You want to use the road? Then you better pay for it!

Here we go again, another cyclist having a whinge after getting a fright while riding home after sipping on lattes all morning (U. Turner letter from 19/1/18).

Newsflash, Mr Turner, roads are made for motorists.

We’ve passed our driving test and paid our registration.

This gives us the right to use the roads as we please.

You lot seem to think just getting your training wheels off qualifies you for the privilege of using our roads.

Well it doesn’t.

If you want to use the road you should pay your dues like the rest of us, the same goes for pedestrians.

On that topic, pedestrians need to pay attention to their surroundings when crossing the street otherwise they risk being involved in a collision, or to put it simply ‘walk s***, get hit’.

J. Walker, Griffith.

Proud pedestrian stands ground

Fair suck of the salami, J. Walker.

There’s no need to lump us all in with those lycra clad reprobates on their espresso-powered death machines.

As a proud pedestrian for many years I can tell you that all we are trying to do is get home safely.

We would be happy to stay off ‘your’ roads, but for the lack of footpaths in this town.

Apart from the main street and a small number of others, there are very few facilities provided for us pedestrians and it is a real concern.

You should walk a mile in our shoes and see how it feels.

Have you never experienced what it’s like navigating the perilous streets of Griffith on foot?

Dodging not only motorists and cyclists but everyone from hoodlums on dirt bikes to geriatrics on mobility scooters?

A. Costa, Yoogali.

Driven up the Wall is a satirical look at Griffith’s habits on the road.


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