Charlie pockets $60 for cleaning up Scenic Hill, but not happy about it

It seems the installation of a reverse vending machine in Griffith is already motivating children to clean up the town. 

Ten-year-old Charlie Adamson was appalled at the rubbish he kept seeing dumped on Scenic Hill, in viewing range of his house. As he also wanted to buy a new lego collection, he sensed an opportunity. 

Charlie collected more than 600 containers bottles, cans and containers, took them to reverse vending machine located behind Foodworks supermarket, and got 10 cents or each he deposited. 

“Only a few weren’t able to be read,” Charlie said. 

Dad Greg said, “we were surprised, even bottles two or three years old were accepted by the machine”. 

Charlie said he already made $150 from busking, so the entrepreneurial student now has more than $200 to enhance his lego collection. But he’s still not happy. 

"Earning this money made me really sad, because that's how much rubbish was left by other people near our house.  There is still heaps of rubbish everywhere, but just not cans and bottles," Charlie said. 

“Bottles being dumped can kill animals… I don’t know why people keep doing it.”

Dumping of rubbish has been an ongoing problem for one of Griffith’s premier tourist attractions. 

“We just hope that the community can see the difference when you wish to toss your rubbish in a bin,” Gemma said. 

“I hope other children will see what Charlie’s done, and how he has made money from it, and be motivated to clean it up as well,” Greg said. 

Griffith City Council encourage the reporting of illegal dumping and littering from a vehicle via or by contacting Griffith City Council Customer Service on 02 6962 8100.

Littering from a vehicle should be reported directly via the 'Hey Tosser' campaign at and for assistance contact the Environment Line on 131 555.