Would you like to see Silo art in Yenda? You said yes

And that’s an overwhelming ‘yes’ from The Area News readers: Silo art would be a welcome addition to Yenda.

After a huge surge in popularity of Silo art in the Riverina, many community members have come forward in support of bringing the sensation to Yenda, with the Silos as well as the green water tanks popular options to be art canvasses.

We asked you what you thought in a poll, and the results are as follows:

Out of 130 votes, 96.15 per cent said YES, 3.08 per cent said NO, and 0.77 per cent were UNSURE.

Your comments:

Christi Hartwig: I'd like to see Barellan done as well. Why not continue the Silo Art trail across the Riverina? It'll improve tourism in small rural towns. The artwork is awesome.

Kay McKenna: Yes ...so long as it is art and not graffiti or propaganda

Cindy Blackett: I would like to see Rankin Springs done as it is all connected and you could paint a progressive story on each face

Kelly Mackellar: Since Weethalle has had its silos done we have had quite a few more visitors come out here.

Karen Davies: Yes yes & yes! And any others that aren’t done!!!

Jenny Robinson: Yes it would be great to have it at Yenda

Kelly Dal Broi: Yes – something that reflects our multiculturalism not just our past

Council were approached for comment but were not forthcoming.