Area News letters to the editor, web words. January 17, 2018.

Zach Bristow: A pontoon, what an actual joke - so people can drive out there to look at the lake? And feed the three-eyed fish? These two are a laughing stock, fix the water first you peanuts.

Salu Musu: How about cleaning the lake instead ... use to be so good when people could actually swim in it there's a better way of spending that money #cleanuplakewyangan pointless pontoon if you can't even eat the legal size fish.

Peter Knox: A pontoon big deal … How about a brand new outdoor shaded Pool complex in town … like every other town has in these very hot temperatures … Please see today’s Area News by a newcomer to here regarding the above. The revenue from Griffith going to this NSW State Government instead of contributing to over $2 billon dollars to pork barrel the demolishing and rebuilding white elephant football stadiums in Sydney. Would help for the above.

Joan Oli: Contact Geoff Sainty … local man, who is a world wide water weed expert and lives here again now … he will advise about the algae … or has he offered and been rejected? Mr Mayor?

Joshua Nadzielski: I certainly hope Mayor that you are taking note of the quality issues and community concerns; I can see this continues to be an ongoing concern for many years. Perhaps the pontoon is a case of the cart before the horse with funding opportunity. On another note, I wonder about the water quality being an issue for surrounding houses and land. Certainly has been an issue in other contaminated areas and there has usually been a sense of urgency about the matter with health issues particularly if someone got critically ill. The quicker we can resolve a positive outcome in regards to all community recreational water requirements will be of course in Councils favour with sentiment and economic growth. Certainly opportunities for small businesses to offer water sports cafes etc if conditions are corrected.

Paul Parody: Where is the community consultation? A pathway to the Deputy Mayor’s shop and a blue green algae, MND viewing platform wtf....who comes up with these ideas?

Beth Roach Preston: Lake Wyangan seems to be experiencing the same issues as Wagga's Lake Albert! Both great water facilities but both local Councils have their heads in the sand with regard to fixing the problem! Apparently the stench at Lake Albert is causing many residents a great deal of concern! Come on Councils - get your priorities in order!

Yvonne Turnell: The Pontoon would be great if Griffith’s lake was a clean and safe place for families to swim, fish and water ski . Most times the water is covered in blue green algae that can be seen from Mallinson Road and isn’t safe for the public to use . I think the money could be spent on a nice clean water park for families to use and have confidence that it’s safe all year round. The public are very wary about their children’s and their own health from chemicals and blue green algae.

​Sharon Maree Brown: Anyone feel like a dip? Any takers? The Griffith community needs the Lake returned to a healthy safe swimmable body of water before I use it again let alone the new pontoon!

Anne Thompson: Council ignoring the fact that the water is dangerous isn’t fooling anyone. Waste of our money.


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