Keep cool in the MIA this summer with this handy tips

WITH MIA residents enjoying another hot summer, there’s still plenty that can be done to beat the heat in the home. 

Air-conditioners remain a household essential, particularly during the peak of the heat.

While reverse cycle air conditioning can be one of the most efficient ways of enjoying year-round comfort, it’s important to remember there are multiple features that enable homeowners to use their air conditioners to maximise comfort whilst minimising their energy consumption.

Here are five tips to get the very best out of your home air-conditioning system. 

Number one

Clean the filters. Filters and indoor unit grilles collect dust over time, restricting airflow. Clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner or wash with mild detergent and warm water. Let the filter dry completely before replacing. Dust along the indoor unit grilles can also be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth.

Number two

Have the air conditioner serviced periodically by a licensed air conditioning technician. A professional service every one to two years, depending on usage, ensures the air conditioner operates as efficiently as possible.

Number three

Don’t set the temperature too low - In summer, set the temperature around 23 degrees celsius to create a comfortable environment whilst minimising energy consumption.

Number four

Use built in timers. When the mercury soars above average, use program timers to start the air conditioner on a low setting before the temperature gets too hot. Switching the air conditioner on during the hottest part of the day means it needs to exert more energy and takes longer to cool down the home. 

Number five

Close doors and windows while the unit is on. Fill small gaps and cracks around windows with sealant, and seal draughts under doors with weather strips or draft stoppers This ensures cool air remains indoors.



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