Area News letters to the editor and web words - January 15, 2018.

Karen Cirillo: Griffith City Council’s biggest problem is they don’t know how to do ongoing maintenance on what they already have! Isn’t that why the 50 metre pool was going to be too expensive to fix or replace at the time! Smaller councils can manage it but not Griffith!! I think its time to get a council that actually knows how to do things properly …

Milt MacFarlane: Complex point Karen, I can agree with you, where does the line be drawn? When the grass is 2 inches tall or 4 to determine when it should be cut? My example is the wood on the toilets at Westend will have to fall of before its fixed its almost there, but nobody notices, that a coat of paint would have preserved them a few years ago.

Pauline Martin: I live in Albury we have two pools an even little Jinderra have a pool! Our council wanted to get rid of our Lavington pool but people went crazy!

Frank Cirillo: It is easy to complain about our facilities but the truth is that the outdoor pool should never have been scrapped. Revamped, updated, fixed but not scrapped and yes Lake Wyangan has so much potential. It too is dry dusty sorry looking place. Bring back that place of community and where people met and had a good time.


Bente Ebbesen Scarfone; Griffith needs more than an outdoor pool to attract people to town and to keep families here. Griffith needs to expand the CSU in Griffith and making sure high schools are of high quality. Often families leave due to lack of choice of education for their children.

Greg McWilliam: One feels the momentum gathering pace for a new pool which is what our city badly needs, they should never have gotten rid of the Olympic pool. It was a Griffith institution.

Simon Kirkman: Griffith had a outdoor pool, if you remember council pull it down to build the indoor monstrosity... But I think there is plans to build a outdoor pool in the near future.. isn’t that’s why they’re moving the skate park so they can use the land where the existing skate park is for a outdoor water park and 50m pool?

Katie Luca: Now days a lot of attractions are built by private enterprise. Just like the private hospital it will be once again up to the community to champion this. It's way beyond councils expertise and ability to construct something like this.

Amanda Rebetzke: It's not only an outdoor pool we need, we need something that attracts families, a lot of people don't visit wineries and there is nothing apart from the family Funland that attracts families, there is no where to take kids to especially on school holidays something like lake Talbot would be nice to see

Melissa James: Here we go again every January for the last 10 years this comes up! Yeah an outdoor pool WOULD be nice instead of traveling out of town.

POOLING TALENT: Joshua Nadzielski said he's unsure where to send his guests during the hot summer months, and is calling for better water facilities. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

POOLING TALENT: Joshua Nadzielski said he's unsure where to send his guests during the hot summer months, and is calling for better water facilities. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

Letter: Shame on you!

This incident occurred outside the Catholic Church in Warrambool Street, Saturday January 6 during the 6pm mass.

A white car reversed into a dark blue Holden Barina. It caused considerable damage to the front left bumper bar. However, did this car stop?

Did it leave a note apologising for the damage? Did it leave a phone number?

No, what it did leave was a fragile, 87 year old widow upset beyond belief. How could you, you coward.

She is now too upset to drive her car and it's all because of you! You have robbed her of her independence!

M. Salton, Griffith.