Quest for outdoor pool: poor water facilities “hurting” tourism

The boss of Griffith’s newest hotel says the town’s lack of an outdoor pool is costing us tourism, and new water facilities must be built as soon as possible. 

“We’ve had clients tell us they’re not coming back to Griffith because there’s no outdoor pool here,” Joshua Nadzielski, Quest Griffith franchise said. 

“There’s just not much to do here in summer… if they’re coming to this area they’d rather stay in Leeton or Narrandera, which have better water facilities”. 

“It’s so difficult to market Griffith as a destination between December and February”. 

The push for a new outdoor pool is also gaining momentum among Griffith residents as the town endures near-record summer temperatures

Griffith mayor John Dal Broi said a 50-metre outdoor pool is still on council’s radar, and they will be having a second crack at securing Commonwealth funds after missing out in 2016.

Griffith was unsuccessful in its bid for a grant under the National Stronger Regions Funds (NSRF) scheme, which would have accounted for 50 per cent of the $5.5 million needed to build the pool.

It’s so difficult to market Griffith as a destination between December and February

Joshua Nadzielski

“We’re looking to secure funds in the second round [of the NSRF]… if we miss out again council will put forward a proposal on how to construct the pool”. 

Cr Dal Broi said there is strong support from the state and federal member in their bid to secure federal funding for a pool. 

Mr Nadzielski said he wants to see more than just a 50-metre pool.

“We’ve got Lake Wyangan, which is such an under utilized resource… its a lake that can really cater to this city”. 

He said Griffith should look to towns who have created aqua park activities out of their lake. 

Griffith's former Olympic pool was closed down more than a decade ago to make way for the Griffith Regional Aquatic and Leisure Centre, which includes an indoor pool.

“We send out guests there, but we can’t lie to them… they end up disappointed, because they don’t want to be in an indoor heated pool in the middle of summer”. 

“I grew up in Western Sydney, where we had an outdoor pool in every suburb”.

Mr Nadzielski, previously the property manager at Quest Mascot, moved to Griffith in October 2016.