Would you like to see Silo art in Yenda?

After a huge surge in popularity of Silo art in the Riverina, many community members have come forward in support of bringing the sensation to Yenda.

President of the Yenda Progress Committee Kay Pellizzer was ecstatic to think of the potential benefits this decoration could bring.

“It would be absolutely fabulous!” She said.

“We at the Yenda progress Association were speaking about it, and it was unanimous – we all loved the idea.”

“I know towns who had maybe a few hundred visitors through before decorating the Silos, and since then they’ve seen thousands of tourists coming, which has positive flow on effects for the businesses.”

She said it would also be worth considering the water towers as another giant canvass, as the green towers are one of the first things seen entering the village.

But what do you think? Do you support the redecoration of abandoned grain silos across the Riverina? Or should these landmarks remain untouched?

Silo art projects are already a huge tourism drawcard in Victoria and the Weethalle project is drawing more visitors to the town and the Bland Shire.

In the NSW first, artist Heesco Knosnaran works on completing an artistic transformation of a series of silos in Weethalle as part of a project supported by Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson, Bland Shire Council and the NSW Government.

The mural was funded by Western Riverina Arts, and supported by the NSW Government.

The idea has also been sparked in Wagga, with resident artists expressing interest in the project.

It follows a suggestion to foster a tourist trail between Albury and Wagga featuring redecorated grain and water towers.

The redevelopment of silos into art canvases has been successfully launched in Victoria’s Wimmera-Mallee region and other New South Wales projects are ongoing in conjunction with Graincorp.