How to use a reverse vending machine to get cash from recycling | video

Griffith finally has an operational reverse vending machine – installed as part of the NSW Government’s return and earn scheme. The scheme enables you to get cash back for used glass bottles, cartons, containers and cans; or donate it to charity. The machine is located in the car park behind supermarket Foodworks. 

So how does a reverse vending machine work? Griffith young citizen of the year nominee Daniella Collison showed us how:

1] Daniella download an app called myTomra to her smart phone. She scanned it to the machine, so money can go directly into her paypal account. But there are other ways of redeeming your money if you don’t want to use a smart phone.

2] The machine on the left is for glass, the machine on the right is for cans, cartons and containers.

3] If you don’t have the smart phone app, simply place your items in the round slot. As each one is accepted, your cash total is projected on the screen. You get 10 cents for each item. 

4] Make sure your recycling is in good condition. The machine needs to be able to read the barcode. If your cans are crushed it may not read them. 

5] Once you’ve deposited all your items in the machine, you are given the choice to “donate” your money to a charity, or receive a voucher. 

6] If you choose to donate, you get a choice of four charities:  Cancer Council, St Vincent de Paul, Surf Life Saving NSW and Planet Ark. Ross Catanzariti, manager of Foodworks, said they are looking to have Griffith local charities like Carevan included as an option. 

7] If you choose to collect a voucher, the voucher can be used to purchase something or redeemed for cash inside foodworks.

A second reverse vending machine is expected to be installed in North Griffith in the coming weeks. 

For more information on the scheme, visit the EPA website