Musical Moments with Connor Anderson

This week’s edition of Musical Moment’s features 14-year-old Connor Anderson, whose finesse on the Alto saxophone has seen him excel.

“When I was in year five, we had two people come around to the schools to start up bands, and at the time my friend already played the flute, and he was always talking about how good music is, so I thought I’d give it a try,” Connor said.

While having only played for three years, Connor has already completed his sixth grade exam, scoring a well-earned A plus.

He has many inspirations, especially Ed Sheeran, who Connor says is an amazing musician with the ability to play many instruments.

Connor recently went on a trip to Sydney for Band Camp with other young musicians from around the state, and came away much improved and inspired from the experience.

“I was was in a saxophone ensemble, because we had a lot of saxophones so it was great to play with other similar musicians.”

For him, one of the highlights of the camp was the opportunity to play lead alto-saxophone in the stage band.

The camp also provided him with the opportunity to gain exposure to professional musicians, for example Delta Goodrem’s bass player.

“I wouldn’t consider being a musician as my career path, but I will always play, it has brought so much to my life.”

“The one thing that really stands out for me after the camp, is that my tone, before I went, it wasn’t that great, but now after it all, my tone clearly improved.”

Head to The Area News website to check out Connor performing the song Grenade by Bruno Mars.