Area News editorial - Self promotion isn’t narcissism, it’s survival

Regional cities and country areas are more aware than ever of self promotion as a means of survival.

Gone are the days when humility and a humble attitude will get the job done, especially in the information technology age when it’s harder than ever to capture and maintain some sort of spotlight.

A generational migration towards the cities has left regional cities having to showcase the benefits of visiting, relocating or investing in the region.

A perfect example is the money spent on highway signs welcoming travellers, offering a quick insight into a town's attractions potentially luring travellers to stay for an hour, a weekend or for good.



It’s a ploy Griffith has always struggled with over the course of its short history.

A self-made outback city, proudly self sufficient, financially successful, and boasting a wealth of commodities. 

Insular and traditional approaches have bred elements of success for a very long time, but we should always be asking ourselves - are we satisfied?

Are we moving forward? 

Are we aiming big? 

Are we investing enough time and effort into thinking outside the box?


The city has assets in a thriving agriculture sector, an Italian food and wine culture offering an abundance of eating options, and a genuine opportunity to pitch itself as the oasis-city in the basin, the capital of the Australian food bowl.

But what it boasts more than arguably any other city in any region in Australia is a unique brand, and sky-high potential.

An affluent and vibrant future going hand-in-hand with a thriving regional city has always been on the cards for Griffith, ever since its most alluring assets were first exploited a century ago.

Yet, while there has been success, we continue talking among ourselves about what Griffith could be.

A visit from international dignitaries offers Griffith the opportunity to show off its potential, seen through the eyes of outsiders with new ideas, a thirst for innovation and a wallet to match.

Let’s hope the visit garners enough interest to open the doors to more opportunities to spruik the Griffith way of life, and, potentially, some private investment.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who can offer a lot to our community, still unaware of the potential sitting out in the heart of the Australian food bowl.