Griffith police demonstrate new and improved vests

New multi-threat body armour vests designed to provide protection against pistol, small calibre rifle and shotgun threats have made their way to Griffith Local Area Command.

Not only bullet proof, the new vests have significant resistance to sharp objects such as knives, swords and compound bows, in response to data showing police are more likely to be injured by a knife or sharp object rather than a bullet.

Constable Kim Farrell and Constable Blayne Cook from Griffith LAC take the time to demonstrate the main differences, seen in the following video:

The new Covert Light Armour Vest (CLAV) and Integrated Light Armour Vest (ILAV) are being issued to frontline and specialist officers to improve protection.

Griffith Police Commander Detective Superintendent Michael Rowan said the new equipment will continue to be rolled out across the state.

“With the development of new technology, our uniform is changing, and clearly these new vests will provide our police with an enhanced level of protection,” he said.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said they provide the best possible protection without impacting on their comfort and equipment load.

“The upgrade of soft body armour complements the roll-out of the Active Armed Offender training in providing our officers with the equipment they need to safely and effectively disrupt, prevent and respond to crime,” Commissioner Fuller said.

Police Minister Troy Grant  said is “investing in the future” of the NSW Police Force.

“These new vests will be rolled out to the majority of our sworn officers who put their lives on the line to protect the community day in and day out,” Minister Grant said.