Area News letters to the editor, December 13, 2017.

South Lake Wyangan is in a grim state of health and Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) although largely responsible, do not want to anything about it.

They regularly pump water from South Lake into the Lakeview Branch Canal and deliver it for irrigation throughout that system, on the basis that they are “shandying” the water and making it safe.

In this case dilution is not the solution to pollution.

MI do not accept the Precautionary Principle, especially when it applies to cyanobacteria toxins and a possible connection to motor neurone disease Lake Wyangan Management Strategy, Water Technology, prepared for Griffith City Council 2016, p 28.

In South Lake Wyangan, MI have installed a floating pontoon with equipment to treat the water (we assume the broad range of cyanobacteria in South Lake is the target) and an aerial inspection of Barren Box Swamp in October and December 2017 revealed half a dozen more pontoons anchored there - probably to show they are doing something to control cyanobacteria prior to its diversion to District irrigators.

It is time MI told the community how these systems work and the scientific practicality of this method in large, shallow, slowly moving water.

The cost of doing the minimum work to bring North Lake Wyangan into full aquatic recreation use could be done for $500k, depending on the skill, and efficiency of those doing the work.

It’s value to locals and tourists is much more than that; and rice farmers could do most of that work in a blink.

But this will not happen.

Griffith Mayor openly says it is too expensive to have full aquatic recreation in North Lake Wyangan, and whatever the case, they cannot do it without positive action from MI.

Victoria Lake, Shepparton, is a good example of how to treat poor water quality and on November 11, 2017 Shepparton Council held a Triathalon there with 500 competitors and more than 3000 visitors.

The Victoria Lake treatment method uses shallow wetlands and waterplants to compete against cyanobacteria and improve water quality to the point that they can conduct events like long distance swimming in Triathalons.

This method is accepted around the world and notably in New Zealand.

LAKE ISSUES: Geoff Sainty says, in this case, Lake Wyangan's dilution is not the solution to blue-green algae pollution.

LAKE ISSUES: Geoff Sainty says, in this case, Lake Wyangan's dilution is not the solution to blue-green algae pollution.

Compare this with Lake Wyangan with warnings do not use the Lake from Griffith Council permanently posted around the Lake.

Geoff Sainty, Griffith.

$2b stadium spend

The Berejiklian Government's plan to tear down and rebuild two major sports stadiums in Sydney at a cost of $2 billion has hit a nerve across NSW. The decision has become a symbol of a State Government that has its priorities all wrong and the public are strongly expressing their displeasure. 

A public petition calling on the Premier to revisit the decision and direct at least half the money into community sport or essential public services has attracted more than 100,000 signatures in less than two days and there is no sign of the public mood shifting.

Put aside the almost unfathomable question of why these stadiums, both less than 30 years old, and one built less than two decades ago for the Sydney Olympics, already need replacing; the public response isn't just about the need or the value for money.

Justin Field, NSW Greens.