Woman pleads guilty to stealing money from Griffith Netball Association

A Griffith woman has pleaded guilty to a variety of offences after being convicted of stealing over $10,000 from the Griffith Netball Association. 

Tania Magoci received two suspended sentences of nine months after the court heard she did not bank money on several occasions where she was required to do so.

Ms Magoci was charged with two counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, one count of making false documents to obtain financial advantage and another of using false documents to gain a financial advantage. 

During her time as member of the Griffith Netball Association, the defendant was responsible for running the canteen, co-ordinating representative teams and occasionally paying bills and making purchases on behalf of the club. 

On several occasions, Ms Magoci was responsible for running the canteen during the netball season. This included banking the money at the end of the day. 

The court heard, on seven occasions of 16 where Ms Magoci was responsible, no money was banked. 

The association estimated they had lost over $6000 from the canteen alone, and there is no record of where the money went. 

The court heard that Ms Magoci had falsified signatures on several cheques to the amount of $1000, taking money from the association’s account. 

The defendant received a 18-month good behaviour bond for falsifying signatures on cheques. 

Additionally, she has been required to pay back all money to the Griffith Netball Association. 

It was alleged that as part of her duties, Ms Magoci would often be required to pay bills or make purchases on behalf of the club.

This was often done by cheques being signed by two signatories for cash. The defendant would cash the cheque and pay the amount required.

On different occasions, Ms Magoci cashed cheques greater than the required payment and pocketed the additional money.