Joggers survive wet weather over weekend

SETTING THE PACE: Lena Sergi makes her way around a drier track than the joggers were faced with last weekend. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo
SETTING THE PACE: Lena Sergi makes her way around a drier track than the joggers were faced with last weekend. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo

Despite the record rainfalls, dramatic predictions and late grey skies, it turned into a relatively dry and pleasant ‘wet weather’ run along the bike path for the Griffith Joggers on Saturday.

There were memories of the infamous run of March 2012 when even the yabbies were scuttling for cover, but this time there were still dry sox to be seen at the finish by those who tiptoed through the water traps.

And it was quite cool which helps to explain the exceptionally quick times, the other reason being the fast flat surface, so that times for these 6.4km / 3.2km courses were minutes faster than the usual 6.1km and 3.1km tracks that are run on the Hill.

It was a change of faces in the top ten with the first half of the start order dominating, led by Paul Muir who rarely glimpses the winners tape let alone breasts it, and his time was two and a half minutes faster than last race.

Mirella Granata and Anthony Salmon completed the podium places, and Granata, one of the most regular runners, recorded a five minute improvement which works out to a full minute per kilometre faster – yes, if you want to set a personal record make sure you come along to the next wet weather run.

Further back Brendon Sinclair was back to his best after last week's debacle, Michael Colaciuri decided it was a good day for a debut in the Long and finished midfield, and Tom Mackerras made his first thousand kilometres since his debut in 2011, progressing from walking to running, and short to long.

Also in midfield, Lena Sergi and Matt Kenny finished two seconds and one place apart in their battle for the crown – and you never know if that two point difference will be significant to the final outcome.

With just twenty eight finishers, only three unfortunates missed out on bonus points for placing, but with only thirteen finishers in the Short even last back got good points!

Connor Moore went like the clappers in his home territory for first place and probably deserves another promotion, and there were only four juniors so the oldies got a few placings.

In the competition, Isabella Salmon and Connor have now made it a two horse race - showing up on the tough days can really pay off when a swathe of others missed.

You may have noticed that the first few runners are showing up on the Wardle Waddle - a minimum of twenty kilometres is required to get onto the table - look well, the champion will come from this select group of ten.

The Joggers meet every Saturday with a current choice of 3.1 or 6.1 kilometres on the tracks and trails of Scenic Hill, starting 5:30pm from the water tower opposite Pioneer Park Museum, be early to register.