Western Riverina Community School to open classes in Griffith in 2018

Does a classroom really have to be a teacher standing in front of rows of desks filled with students who don’t really want to be there? 

Not according to David Martin, who’ll be principal of yet another alternative school opening its doors in the MIA in 2018.

“A lot of people go to school and it bores them… it certainly didn’t do it for me,” he said. 

The Executive Officer of Western Riverina Community College announced plans for a new co-educational facility called Western Riverina Community School (WRCS) in Griffith, initially taking year 9 and year 10 students.

The school promises “to provide an affordable and engaging learning opportunity for young people who haven’t thrived in a traditional school setting”.

While WRCS will abide by all relevant government education syllabus and standards, it will seek to deliver lessons in a way more engaging to students.  

“A school doesn’t just have to be a teacher standing in front of a class… our school will suit someone not stimulated by a mainstream school environment”. 

What’s the eligibility requirement? 

“Just one, the student must really want to study here… if the parents drag them in, and the child isn’t interested, it’s not for them ”

The model adopted by WRCS embeds a learning philosophy nested within adult learning, where practical activity sits in front of theory. Mr Martin said students will have more say in influencing class content. 

He said the school will aim for around 15 students per class.

 A new MIA Christian school and Autism school are also opening their doors next year, though both target primary student. WRCS is the first alternative for parents who may be dissatisfied by the controversial merger of Griffith’s only two public high schools

WRCS are currently taking 2018 enrolment enquiries, contact the college on (02) 6964 5334.