Inner wheel cap off a successful year | Photos

Groups from around the MIA and surrounds were out and about over the weekend for the Innerwheel district conference. 

The event was attended by over 60 members from across the district who have spent the past year raising money for eye care in Nepal. 

Griffith East President Carmel LaRocca said the group had been hard at work throughout the year. 

“It’s our district’s project for the year. Optometrists go to Nepal and operate on eyes. They do some amazing things,” she said.

“The district raises money and it’s then handed over.”

Each club raises money in their own way. 

Groups travelled from Leeton, Yenda, Albury and Yarrawonga to attend. 

District President Phyllis Guthrie enjoyed seeing all the groups come together. 

“We enjoy it. It’s great to get together and to see everyone at meetings like this.” 

Inner Wheel is an international organisation closely linked to Rotary. 

It was initially founded to unite wives and daughters of Rotarians. Before 1989, Rotary generally prohibited women as members. 

While women are now able to join Rotary, Inner Wheel continues in over 100 countries.