OPINION: 16-year-old Wade High student Olivia Scott gives her views on the Griffith high school merger

It’s about time the government finally decided to spend their money on something important in regional New South Wales, even if it isn’t nearly as much as what they would be willing to spend on a Sydney stadium.

However, instead of merging Wade and Griffith High School, I personally believe providing both schools with additional funding and keeping them separate would have been a better option.

If an adequate amount of funding was provided, it would have allowed many of the changes that are being proposed in the new school structure to go ahead, but within each individual school.

I believe the proposed change of having one school across two sites has some advantages, but there were other options available in regards to how to fix the problems within our public high schools.

As a current student of Wade High School, I have experienced first hand the outcome of not receiving adequate funding.

Tattered textbooks, a lack of computers and slow Internet speed are just some of the problems that we face on a regular basis.

Over time, these problems have the potential to negatively impact our education, but we have been forced to adapt and make do.

Public schools should not be disadvantaged just because they are situated in a rural area.

It would also be good for us, the students, to know what’s going on. 

I understand that there are a lot of important decisions which must be made, and these take time, but at the end of the day it is our education and future which are going to be affected. 

Are we going to have to travel between schools? Are periods going to be longer? Will they double or reduce the number of school captains? It would be nice to be consulted on some of these things. 

We as students do have some useful opinions on how to improve student achievement, retention and the curriculum. 

My opinion is increasing funding and keeping the schools separate would allow the changes being made to be better tailored to the individual needs of each school. 

Olivia Scott is doing work experience at The Area News