Area News letter to the editor, November 29.

This is RDA’s Monday group Christmas party which are from Beelbangera, St. Mary’s, St Pats schools.

The children with special needs enjoy a very productive and rewarding time achieving their personal goals.

If it wasn’t for the commitment of volunteers and staff these beautiful children would not be able to achieve their  personal goals.

A massive thank you to the students from Wade and Griffith High for giving their time and helping others.

If any businesses would be kind enough to do a sponsorship of a horse or any donation would be very much appreciated.

Please contact Julie on 0427661215

PARTY: RDA’s Monday group Christmas party will feature kids from Beelbangera, St Mary’s and St Pats schools.

PARTY: RDA’s Monday group Christmas party will feature kids from Beelbangera, St Mary’s and St Pats schools.

Missing holy pilgrimage

This refers to the news-item in entitled Walk a mile raises awareness one step at a time (Area News dated 27 November, 2017 ) 

I was very much disturbed when I learnt on Friday evening that I missed the walk a mile in her shoes march this year.

I have been participating in this march since its beginning and I always think it my holy pilgrimage.  

I at once telephoned to Leah Walsh and asked, “why did you not inform me that the march was on Friday?"

She felt sorry for this and said, "we felt your absence in the march".

She also promised that in future they will always inform me about this march.

Walking a mile in the shoes of our wives gives spiritual strength to us and I missed this spiritual strength this year Some Yogis (Yoga practitioners) wear the feminine clothes (the clothes of Mother goddess) at night (I do not do so).

According to them it gives them spiritual strength from the Mother goddess.

Some time back there was an article on this subject with a picture of bra in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The writer of the article (a male) asked, “if ladies can wear the male clothes why can't we wear the feminine clothes?”

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.

Plebiscite fiasco

Spot on with your Editorial November 17, 2017.

The plebiscite fiasco (a waste of the taxpayers money and time) was only a stall used on the off chance that the No vote would prevail.

This ploy would have saved the government from having to have made necessary changes and the marriage act would have remained (as is) intact as it was originally intended, surprise indeed.

It's not for the government to decide this issue without the peoples referendum authoritative.

Therefore a plebiscite is not legally binding and as you mentioned the government doesn't have to do anything with the information they gleaned from the survey.

This is because legally they can't because it isn't legally binding.

It only counts and gives the government the authority to act by the peoples' approval via a referendum only. This should occur at the next federal election, the correct procedure. The 20 per cent of qualified electors who didn't respond to the survey are required to cast their vote in a referendum.

This gives a more accurate result which is crucial when changing any constitutional law via the referendum authority of the people and not conscience votes by members of parliament.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.