New equipment welcomed by the Physiotherapy department at Griffith Base Hospital

Griffith Base Hospital now has new equipment set to make a difference in the treatment of patients and clients receiving physiotherapy.

The equipment purchase was made possible from a generous donation from Doug and Julie McWilliam, who saw the excellent work the Hospital does and wanted to give back.

“The hospital needed, they were desperate for it, and I was only too happy to donate,” Mr McWilliam said.

“I thought, let’s lift it up a bit and get some positivity for our hospital.”

And the positivity and enthusiasm the physiotherapists have is clear to see.

The new devices offer an ease of accessibility than previous equipment, and with new training programs on two of the machines, tracking progress has never been easier. 

For an overview of how the new equipment works, check out the lovely physiotherapists at Griffith base Hospital demonstrating their usage in our video below.

Physiotherapist Stephanie Star said they very much appreciate this kind and generous donation, and they have already started to make a difference in both client rehabilitation and staff care.

“Our patients who have had difficulty accessing the bike because of knee problems or not being able to step or spin the seat to the side and get on the bike nice an easily, it reduces the risks of falls and injury,” Stephanie said.

“With the stand up lifter, it allows people to easily transfer to minimise potential injury to staff and the patient as well, and maximising patient comfort as well.”

“With our arm and leg trainer, this machine allows people in a wheel chair or people with impaired mobility to just wheel up in front ... it allows you to get your cardio while keeping your arms and legs nice and strapped in.”

“I’ve always wanted one of these MOTOmeds, and I am very excited to have one,” she said.

The new equipment in the physiotherapy department is as follows:

  • Spirit MR100 medical bike: Allows patients with mobility issues to easily access a bike. The seat swivels outwards and the pedals can be easily adjusted which makes it very easy for clients to use especially post knee replacement, knee replacement, arthritis and stroke clients.
  • MOTOmed viva2: Is an arm and leg trainer which allows leg and arm cycling from a seated position. The MOTOmed allows clients with all levels of mobility including clients in wheelchairs, to train actively with their own muscle strength against adjustable resistance levels.
  • Sara Stedy: Is a standing aid which assists clients with mobility impairments to stand up from sitting. It reduces manual handling for the client and staff members and promotes normal movement patterns.