Barbers are growing around men’s hair needs | Photos

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WITH the growth of men starting to take more pride in their appearance, so has sprung up the proliferation of modern barbers.

Whether it is the emergence of the metrosexual male, hipster culture with flowing, sculpted beards or simply a desire to be pampered and presented in a neat manner, barbers and their skills have returned to the fore.

Providing men with an alternative to the all-female salon is a growth industry and one which Tristan Sergi from Tristan’s Barber Shop is proud to have tapped in to an brought to Griffith.

“Barbering has gone crazy in the last five years,” he said.

“Men like taking care of themselves more. Years ago you wouldn’t find kids in a barber shop, but now it’s more trendy.”

As men we don’t often get too much done, but we make them feel like we’re grooming them.

Tristan Sergi, barber

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The clientele ranges in age from one to 80 years of age, coming from every background.

“It’s a variety – young, old, everyone,” Tristan said.

“A lot of men go for the short, sharp look. There is more attention to detail in the haircut. All beards are lined up sharp and straight. I do patterns for kids, lines and designs.

“I do face shaves and I have a hot-towel steamer.”

A barber is someone who cuts only men’s hair and shaves or trims beards.

“We’re more thorough in what we do do for men, we take more pride in the attention to detail we provide when grooming men,” Tristan said. “It is more of an experience. As men we don’t often get too much done, but we make them feel like we’re grooming them.”