The Area News letters to the editor, November 8, 2017.

Such has caused numerous problems to those who have had it (already) installed.

It consistently fails and people are becoming more frustrated with a service that isn't there.

Yet Telstra keeps reminding people by mail and phone contact to hurry up and get it connected (as time) is running out.

People could be forgiven for not being in a hurry to do so after watching Four Corners on TV recently and the drama and stuff ups people are experiencing.

Between this and the electricity hikes and theatre moving tickets (to soften the hikes) by wanting people to turn off their air conditioners midday in high temperatures to ease the drag on the grid.

It's enough to drive the people crazy.

At this rate the government is heading for early retirement.

The opposition (just as nutty) the only alternative destined to create further damage gives the people little hope of any reprieve of any nature in the future.

God help the future generations who will have to wear the sins of stupidity of the government past and present so called leaders of their nation.

This is what happens when the inch is given unfavourably its only logical that the expectation of further unfavourable progress will and has and still is forcing and demanding the mile.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

Calling on all Griffith artists

Griffith Regional Art Gallery (GRAG) is calling on local artists with skills and experience to join them in presenting their community art programs in 2018.

ArtSpace offers the opportunity for up to six exhibitors to be displayed for up to six weeks each, while the public arts program incorporates a range of workshops and activities.

Griffith Regional Art Gallery Coordinator Ray Wholohan said the ArtSpace program is about providing an accessible space for local artists to showcase their work in a high volume visitor environment.

“This great initiative allows us to introduce and promote individual or small groups of local artists to the community, who may not otherwise get this opportunity. All the exhibitions in have a local connection allowing ArtSpace to create a conversation between the artist and the community,” Mr Wholohan said.

Mr Wholohan said GRAG was looking to present a diverse range of styles and mediums.

“Previous exhibitions have included photography, acrylic and oil painting, printmaking, textiles, works in resin and enamel, and multi-media. We are open to looking at whatever local artists are creating that can be presented in this space,” he added.

The gallery is also seeking Expressions of Interest from local artists and craftspeople to assist it to present a diverse and engaging range of public art activities in 2018.

Manager Griffith Regional Theatre and Art Gallery, Raina Savage said we are aiming to diversify and expand the number and range of art programs we offer to the public, and this is a great opportunity for local artists to share their skills and passion with the community.

Interested artists can contact the Gallery on 6962 8338 or go to to download application forms for both ArtSpace Exhibitions and Public Programs proposals.

Application close 4pm, December 8.