Guru Nanak 2017 Griffith birthday celebration

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was the founder of the Sikh religion.

BIRTHDAY: The birthday of Guru Nanak will be celebrated in Griffith Sikh Temple on next Sunday - 5th November

BIRTHDAY: The birthday of Guru Nanak will be celebrated in Griffith Sikh Temple on next Sunday - 5th November

He was born in Nankana Sahib (now in Pakistan) on the full moon day of this month in 1469.

From his childhood he was interested not in worldly affairs but in the search of truth.

At the age of thirty he left his home to seek the Truth (God).

He went to the holy places of the Hindus and condemned the useless rites of Hinduism People in Griffith some time ask me, "What is the difference between Hinduism and Sikhism?"

My reply is, "Hinduism is like Catholicism and Sikhism is like Protestantism".

During his journey of the Hindu holy places Guru Nanak reached Jagannath Puri on the bank of the Bay of Bengal.

He saw the Arti (Prayer with lights) there and wrote a hymn praising Almighty God.

In this hymn he says, "All the objects of nature-like sun moon and blowing air are always praising you O God".

The Christians also sing a similar hymn in their churches saying, "All the birds trees rivers and air are always singing Your praise O GOD".  I also went to Jagannath Puri in 2005.

After this, Guru Nanak went towards Himalayas.

There is a Buddhist shrine on the border of Sikkam (India) and Tibet.

It is very difficult to go there even in these days but Guru Nanak went there and stayed there for a week discussing the spiritual matters with the Buddhist monks.

After this he went to Lake Mansrover in Tibet where he met some Yogis (Yoga practitioners) and had free and frank spiritual discussions with them.

The Yogis asked Guru Nanak, "What is the Reality (God)?"

Guru Nanak replied, "The WORD is Reality". 

The Word inside our body enlightens it. The Bible also emphasises the importance of the WORD.

Guru Nanak also went to Mecca to hold discussions with the Muslim holy men.

Some historians say he even went to Jerusalem. He also went to  Sri Lanka

The birthday of Guru Nanak will be celebrated in Griffith Sikh Temple on next Sunday - 5th November.

Fire works will be displayed on Saturday night. All are cordially invited.

Amir Jit Singh, Griffith.

Veterans’ thumbs up

The Griffith veterans golf committee must be congratulated on the veterans week of golf .

They have worked very hard throughout the year to bring such a wonderful week to all veteran golfers.  

The Griffith golf course was in superb condition with praise of the green keeper who worked very hard by all veterans who played. 

Not to mention the staff who worked inside the golf club who made all players feel welcome and the members who supplied all the eats for all players who wished to have coffee or tea pre game, midway round or at the completion of their golf. 

The sponsorship by Griffith businesses was excellent which shows they are proud of their city.

It so disgusting to think that Griffith can hold such wonderful tournament and Wagga cannot run such an event.

We certainly will be back next year.

Many thanks Griffith Vets, Golf Club and Businesses.

Col Randall, Griffith.