Final countdown to the 2017 Murray by-election

Nationals candidate Austin Evans.
Nationals candidate Austin Evans.

AUSTIN Evans is the Nationals candidate for the seat of Murray. 

Final pitch 

As a Nationals candidate, I will be the only one who can hold the government to account, and be held accountable myself, for what is delivered in this electorate over the next two years.

Every other candidate will be powerless inside government and hold themselves blameless if nothing gets done.

Now more than ever we need to keep our voice in the government.

I’m fighting for the next stages of the Griffith Hospital, a more representative Local Health District, and more police on the frontline fighting crime instead of behind desks filling in paperwork, just to name a few things.

As a water engineer in one of the most efficient systems in the world, I have hands on experience of getting water to irrigators.

As a local mayor who fought against amalgamation and got a better deal for my council, I have the experience in delivering against the odds and standing up for what’s right.

As a father of four boys, I have a broad focus, not just a few narrow issues, because I want the best for our future.

Shooters, Fishers ad Farmers candidate Helen Dalton.

Shooters, Fishers ad Farmers candidate Helen Dalton.

HELEN Dalton is the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate for the Murray by-election. 

Final pitch 

It is simple, because Murray deserves better. 

It is time for change and it is about time our community is put back on the map. 

I will fight without fear or favour on water rights, hospitals and healthcare, education and students, the timber industry, and retaining local police.

At the end of the day I will be accountable only to the community and not have to toe the city Liberal party line.

I want our communities voice to be just as powerful and relevant as Sydney.

Together with the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party I will use our balance of power to force the Government to deliver for the people of Murray. 

We will bring back true country party representation to Murray.

What matters to you matters to me.

NSW Greens candidate Ray Goodlass.

NSW Greens candidate Ray Goodlass.

Ray Goodlass is the NSW Greens candidate for the Murray by-election. 

Final pitch

I strongly supports ecological sustainability and a healthy river system, on which we and our environment depend. 

Accordingly, I am campaigning for water security for agriculture, the environment, and urban communities, and for proper oversight of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan through the Greens plan to establish a Sustainable Water Institute, which has been fully costed.

I am is also an advocate for the equitable provision of public services including health, education and public transport for regional NSW. 

The Liberal/Nationals Coalition government has long neglected the needs of regional NSW and it is high time our regional residents and their communities were provided with a level of services matching those of their metropolitan counterparts, with additional provisions to compensate for the tyranny of distance.

I also supports NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, which is presently before the NSW, and marriage equality.

I want to see transparent and accountable government decision making, and a total ban on political donations from corporations. 

I am also campaigning for an end to corruption by strengthening the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). 

Country Labor candidate Michael Kidd.

Country Labor candidate Michael Kidd.

MICHAEL Kidd is Country Labor’s candidate for the Murray by-election. 

Final pitch 

For too long, the National Party has taken our area for granted. 

It’s time we sent the Berejiklian Government and those Nationals up in Sydney a message. That’s why I’m asking for your support at this Saturday’s by-election.

As a radiographer for Leeton Health Service and a member of the Leeton Local Health Advisory Committee, I’ve seen how the cuts from the Liberals and Nationals in Sydney have impacted our community, particularly when it comes to our local health services.

We need someone who understands the local area and who will fight against the privatisation of regional hospitals and cuts to local health services.

Only Country Labor will keep our hospitals in public hands and secure funding for regional health services.

Send the Nationals a message on health – vote one Country Labor.

This Saturday, we need to send the Nationals a message.

Vote one Country Labor to show the Nationals that our community wont be taken for granted.

Brian Mills is running as an independent candidate.

Brian Mills is running as an independent candidate.

BRIAN Mills is running as an independent candidate in Saturday’s by-election. 

Final pitch 

I have numbered every square to show me as one, Helen Dalton as two and Austin Evans last.

I want to remove barrages to return the Lower Lakes to an estuary as they were for millions of years prior to 1940.

I also want to disband the MDBA by challenging to debate  with Barnaby Joyce, Neil Andrew and Kathleen Curry of NSW Farmers. 

Kathleen as convener of a Griffith candidates  meeting would not allow debate. 

At the Deniliquin candidates meeting there was healthy and constructive debate.

I firmly believe that constructive debate is essential to the political process.

Austin Evans has been challenged but has chickened out.

An Australia-wide achievement came when the Federal member for Farrer, Sussan Ley agreed to three debates including saving the Valencia industry. 

I want to ban imported cancerous orange concentrate. If the Nats are beaten this could save the Valencia industry and bring (would you believe) jobs and growth.  

I also want to reduce collusion of three tiers of Government.

Councillors were challenged and spoke against saving the Valencia industry. 

Visit my website for more information. 

Independent candidate Peter Robinson.

Independent candidate Peter Robinson.

PETER Robinson is an independent candidate running the Murray by-election 

Final pitch

I have many top priorities should I be elected. Some of those include:

1 NSW state government (alone or with Victorian counterpart) to do a “rain check” on whether SA's South-East Drainage, and SA's 7.5 km barrage system, in their current set-up, provide the best infrastructure support for the respective environment's of SA's Coorong and Lower Lakes.

2 Establishment of a Murray-Darling Medical School.

3 Curtailment of government pensions paid to ex-MPs (including Asrian Piccoli on a dollar-for-dollar basis, for their other post-parliament income.

4 Funding of promotional resources, to highlight that River Red Gums rarely grow to full maturity, away rivers and creeks, without “pruning”.

5 Drop the inland rail farce if there is no “produce stop” in the western Riverina food bowl. 

If it is only for getting steel and paper etc between the Melbourne and Brisbane, then for goodness sake, break whatever union barriers prevent it, and put it on sea-ways.