Postal survey 'yes' verdict: Sussan Ley says marriage is a personal choice

Farrer MP Sussan Ley
Farrer MP Sussan Ley

The same-sex marriage “yes” campaign has found an ally in Sussan Ley.

In the first time she has officially revealed her stance on the issue, the Farrer MP told The Border Mail she voted yes in the postal survey.

“It’s a personal choice between two people whether they are married,” she said.

“It’s very much about the feelings of two individuals – those feelings have nothing to do with anyone else and neither does the gender or the sexual preference of those people.”

It’s a personal choice between two people whether they are married.

Farrer MP Sussan Ley

The latest polls showed the “yes” vote so far was tracking at above 65 per cent and the “no” vote below 35 per cent, with another month left before the survey closes.

Ms Ley said she had no idea which way the result would fall.

“For those who are looking forward to getting married, they are very much hoping for a yes vote,” she said.

The matter will only go to a vote in Parliament if the postal survey comes back with a yes verdict and Ms Ley said if that happened, she would cast her vote based on what the majority of the Farrer electorate decided.

She stood by the Coalition’s election promise to take a plebiscite or postal survey to the public.

“I don’t see it as a political decision,” she said.

Having toured the electorate in recent weeks for events such as the Henty Field Days, Ms Ley said more people wanted to discuss energy prices with her than marriage equality.

“People’s main issue is that they want to talk about something else,” she said.

“Many have described how in their families, some people are voting yes and some people are voting no, and they’re very comfortable with that.”

The final deadline for people to return their postal surveys is November 7, before the results are released at 11:30am on November 15.