October is Mental Health awareness month

To mark Mental Health Month in Griffith, a group of local organisations have banded together to raise awareness and try and eradicate the strigma surrounding mental illness. 

Mental Illness is increasingly common. 1 in 5 people in Australia suffer with mental health issues, the most common being Anxiety Disorders and Depression. 

This year the theme is ‘Share the Journey’ People across Australia come together during the month to hold events and promote good mental health and well being in their local communities. 

To celebrate this theme, several care agencies in Griffith have joined forces for an event. 


On Tuesday October 10, the agencies will gather together in Griffith Central with stalls and information to hand out to the general public. 

Josh Forbes from Intereach says the event is looking to raise the profile of an important issue. 

“Mental health month aims to build more community awareness of mental health and the services out there,” he said. 

“We thought that if we all got together we could talk about what they’re experiencing, what others are experiencing and line them in with what services we have to offer.”

They’ll also be handing out information packets and free goodies on the day. 

Headspace, Intereach, Wellways, Centacare, Aboriginal Medical Service, One Door Mental Health and Community Mental Health have all been involved in putting it all together. 

The idea came about after Sabiha Nazli from Wellways reached out to ask if anyone was doing anything for Mental Health month. 

“I asked if she would be interested in doing something with multiple organisations. From there we put out feelers to see who was interested,” Mr Forbes said. 

“One-by-one people came on board, which was amazing.”

“The idea for the event came about after the community expo in central. We thought that it would be the best way to get information out there.”

The event will be taking place on Tuesday October 10 between 10am and 1pm at Griffith Central, outside IGA.