Letters: 'We have a local Facebook page griffithvotesyes ... and I have added my support.'

We have a local Facebook page griffithvotesyes ...  and I have added my support. 

The seat of Farrar has been identified in the ABC vote compass as having 54 per cent in favour yes.

SAME SEX DEBATE: Neville Dwyer says he's thrown his support the local 'Yes' campaign.

SAME SEX DEBATE: Neville Dwyer says he's thrown his support the local 'Yes' campaign.

We are hoping we may be able to make that a little higher buy the time the result is given. 

I’m not sure I could live in a community that voted overwhelmingly no, I would not feel safe again or valued.  

We have focused on a positive message about Yes will bring and been buoyed with the great result so far, a steady growth of likes for the page. 

It hasn't all been smooth sailing though with a number of comments on Alex Blackwell photo and post, getting a number nasty comments.

Some very painful.  

We also are talking about the broad support for change, many in the no campaign see this as a left wing agenda and supporters from the Right have come out strongly to challenge that. 

Adrian Piccoli was one of the very first to give his public support.

Sussan Ley is still silent. 

As are a number of local community and Business leaders.

Our little group of two has certainly not gone unnoticed by the yes Campaign, Marriage Equality have been surprised to discover that the support is here and that people are standing up.

We plan to be a little more visible over the next week and hope too have a small street stall next Saturday, (23rd Sept) we have lots or resources being sent our way from the big campaign head quarters.

Congrats by the way on a well penned opinion piece that you put together the other week.

Neville Dwyer, Griffith.

MDBA meeting feedback

The recent meeting with MDBA (Murray-Darling Basin Authority) was only about the environment. Question time was only for those who wanted to learn more about the process for ‘improving’ the environment.

One speaker changed the tone by presenting how illogical were the arguments presented by MDBA until he was asked to give someone else a chance. That allowed me to make points which included four years of lack of response from Barnaby Joyce. I was asked to give someone else a chance.

It was disheartening to hear farmers desperate to speak about economic issues to help farmers and communities.

The two of the first dissenting speakers were given another chance until the end of allotted time.

A view of one speaker is that good soil should not be wasted on Valencia oranges because all they produce is juice. He would have influenced Kay Hull who was quoted in the ‘Area News’ as congratulating farmers who bulldozed their Valencias. He would have influenced Barnaby Joyce. I have written ‘Barnaby, you know nothing about Valencia oranges and do not care for those who grow them.’

I told Neil that over 200,000 tonnes per year of what used to be healthy Valencia oranges have been replaced by imported orange concentrate which is cancerous, has no Vitamin C and no antioxidants. Neil fobbed that off  by having a rest stop. When he returned he just started to claim his part in reducing tariffs when it was time to fly out.

Brian Mills, Griffith.