You say: Yogi loves Griffith’s new thirst for free yoga benefits

As a Yogi I am very happy that Sally Wilcox is teaching Yoga for free (Area News dated 8 September 2017).

I was all the more happy that Yoga is beneficial to such dangerous diseases as Parkinsons.

According to American Time magazine simple Yoga poses are very beneficial even for the cure of depression.

YOGA: Griffith Yogi Amar Jit Singh was all the more happy that Yoga is being offered for free by Sally Wilcox.

YOGA: Griffith Yogi Amar Jit Singh was all the more happy that Yoga is being offered for free by Sally Wilcox.

But Yoga is always done by sitting cross-legged on the floor. 

It gives you a lot of relaxation if you sit cross-legged for some period on the floor even if without doing Yoga.

In olden times some Yogis used to remain sitting cross-legged on the ground for years in India. Even the grass used to grow over their legs while they remained sitting cross-legged in Samadhi (meditation) for years.

I know it is very difficult for the Western people to sit cross-legged.

So if you are doing Yoga while sitting on the chairs still it has many benefits.

So continue Yoga even while sitting on the chairs.

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.

APEX Club call out 

The Apex Foundation Ltd (a not for profit organisation affiliated with Association of Apex Clubs Australia(Apex Australia) are looking for Past Apexians across Australia.

Apex Australia was formed in 1931 in Geelong VIC to raise the spirits of young Australian men during the Depression.

Over the years, many thousands of Apexians have contributed significantly to their communities and raised millions of dollars for community projects.

We are trying to reach out to past Apexians to re-establish some of our heritage, through an integrated database.

Please contact Keith Miller on or SMS 0408 118 290

Many thanks for your support.

Keith Miller, The Apex Foundation Ltd

Debating same-sex debate

Fr Brendan Lee is correct when he says that the alternate opinions on the subject of same sex marriage be heard patiently (Alternate opinions drive healthy debate Area News September 13, 2017).

In a democracy the views of all sides should be heard.

But like the Russian Communists of 1917 only one side of the coin (those who will vote Yes in the plebiscite) are heard and given weight-age.

The alternate opinions (those who will vote No) are being mocked at and ignored.

According to ancient Greek philosophers the opposite opinion even a minor one should also be considered before taking a final decision otherwise democracy will become mobocracy.

In the same sex marriage there will be no children in a natural way.

What is our life without our dear children?

Secondly marriage is a sacred institution According to Asian religions (and Christianity is also an Asian religion) human soul should consider itself a faithful wife of her Husband (God Almighty).

Only then she (human soul) will meet her husband (God) after death.

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.

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