Fully approved: New Christian school run by Lifesource Church is now taking enrollments for 2018

A Pentecostal Church is now taking enrollments for a new Christian school in Griffith, which is fully approved to commence classes at the start of 2018.

The new school “Verity Christian College,” run by LifeSource Church, will be a primary school, offering education from kindergarten to year six.

NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes signed the certificate of Initial Registration for the school in late August.

LifeSource Church Pastor Steven Rand said, “everything is now ready to run. We are looking to take 30 to 40 enrollments now”.

Pastor Rand said all approval processes from local and state government have been finalised. 

The school will be the first non-Catholic Christian school in the MIA. 

Mr Rand said Jacob Matthews, principal of well-established Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne, will be in Griffith later this month to interview parents of students who want to enrol in the school. 

On the Verity Christian College Facebook page, it was posted the Griffith school approval was:

“Nothing short of a miracle as our Steering Committee have worked tirelessly to see this amazing feat become a reality.”

“Hours of work assuring that we will be a fantastic school located in a wonderful community.”

The school will be located on the same site as the church on Stafford Road, where there are three rooms being converted to classrooms and a large playground area. 

“We have had a vision for more than 10 years to start a Christian education facility for the community of Griffith. It was time to put action to our dreams, and our steering committee worked tirelessly to get the application in. All glory must be given to Jesus Christ,” Pastor Rand said.

Around 20 per cent of Griffith’s population are affiliated with non-Catholic Christian religions, according to the 2016 ABS Census. 

Pastor Rand said he hopes the school will be able to expand to cover years 7 to 12 at some point in the future. 

If you would like to enroll your child at the school or find out more information email office@lifesourcechurch.org.au or call LifeSource Church on 69649953.