Baby of the week: Arlo Gray, super son of Pria and Bernard

The Area News baby of the week is Arlo Gray.

Arlo is a regular attendee at Griffith City Library’s baby bounce, usually accompanied by grandma Yia or mum Pria. 

Mum Pria is a graphic designer and Dad Bernard works in IT for De Bortoli Wines. 

Name: Arlo Gray 

Age: 1 year old 

Parents: Pria and Bernard Gray

Where from: Griffith 

Best thing about him: Always smiling 

Worst habit: Like his father, he is always playing with powerpoints and switches

Favourite TV show: He doesn’t watch TV, he reads books

Favourite foods: Corn and beans 

Preferred music style: Top 20 hits. His father is a musician, so he has already been exposed to a wide variety of styles.

Predicted future career: Electric guitarist. 

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