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Based on Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights and Australia’s tradition of free speech, I believe that I have the right to advise the Establishment who favour Meet the Candidates rather than adjudicated debate with members that they are choosing a less democratic process.

QUESTIONS: Potential Murray by-election runner Brian Mills questions candidates who favour 'Meet the Candidates' rather than adjudicated debates.

QUESTIONS: Potential Murray by-election runner Brian Mills questions candidates who favour 'Meet the Candidates' rather than adjudicated debates.

At the 2015 Meet the Candidates I advised a policy of removal of barrages at the Lower Lakes. There are people who still remind me of the cheer that it caused. During the campaign Adrian Piccoli dodged me all the way and I have written a book about it ‘Is Australia a True Democracy?’ which is in the library of almost every centre in Murray. In the ensuing two years I have hand delivered questions on this and other items to the office of Adrian Piccoli.  I have date stamped and initialled copies of my letters but never a peep from Adrian.

My wish is that the Nationals candidate will be aware of my question and be prepared to respond or (gasp) even debate the issue at the almost inevitable the Meet the Candidates meetings around the electorate.

Brian Mills, Griffith.

Sincere gratitude for Griffith

On behalf of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Griffith community who joined our staff, Griffith Local Council and Interreach last week for the Pioneer Community Clean-Up Day.

The clean-up day was a great success with the joint effort resulting in ten massive skip bins being filled up with rubbish and unwanted household items.

Many local residents were also able to receive assistance from the FACS Maintenance Pop-up that was set up for to assist people with on-the- spot home repairs and advice.

It was wonderful to see such great community spirit with so many members of the community providing a helping hand. From the local children who helped set up the signage for the day, to the residents who picked up rubbish from the streets, I say a heartfelt thank you.

This clean-up is a great example of how the collaboration between government agencies, local services and the broader community can go a long way in building stronger communities.

FACS Housing, Manager Housing Services, Michael Whiteside.

End of an era

We agree with The Area News that the resignation of Mr Adrian Piccoli is the END OF AN ERA (Area News, dated September 4, 2017).  

Mr Piccoli has served the people of Griffith well in all aspects during this period of 18 years – be it a grant of $25 million for the super school or $35 million commitment for the Griffith Base Hospital.

His main quality is that he attends to every body and listens to them attentively  

I will call him not a politician but a statesman loved and respected by all of us.  

I and my family came to Griffith in 2000 and I have known him since then - very co-operative and friendly.  

He has accepted the offer of the University of New South Wales to act as the  director of regional education at the newly created institute of education.

It is gratifying that Mr Adrian Piccoli will still be based in Griffith to do his new duty and will be in constant touch with the people of Griffith whom he loves very much.

Amar Jit Singh, Griffith.