Letters to the editor

Barham wants MLHD support too

As reported in The Area News, online, Alan Jones and the ABC, Griffith Base Hospital was continuing to lose health services due to the restructure by MLHD, to a point that the community, doctors and staff arranged a community rally due to lack of consultation .

Adrian Piccoli, Susan Ley, Jill Ludford and Brett Thompson went missing in action until the community rally was arranged, but Jill Ludford still released a media statement that the Griffith Community should be grateful for their medical services.

The emails, phone calls and letters are now answered after the rally, so what’s the difference has it made with the Braham MPS?

Remember these are the same administrators that are closing down our small rural hospitals ...

With the downgrading of the Barham MPS manger five postion, the loss of the aged care ,the problem between MLHD and the medical trust and the privatisation of community health is a clearly downgrading of medical services.

As in Dr Jaya’s speech said at the Griffith Base rally, if you don’t have a effective hospital, you wont attracted doctors, nurses, medical staff or services.

Michael Doyle, Barham.

Sustaining a political stance

In an open letter to the federal member for Farrer, Ms Sussan Ley on August 9, Mr Brian Mills falsely claimed he “shared” views on financial system regulation with federally registered political party, Sustainable Australia.

Sustainable Australia has no association with Mr Mills other than receiving a request from him to run in Farrer at the next federal election.

Sustainable Australia stands for secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning, and a sustainable environment and population.

We will contest the federal election via NSW Senate candidates but have made no decision as to whether we stand a local candidate in Farrer.

William Bourke, Sustainable Australia.

Pauline’s burqa stunt has support

So Pauline found it necessary to don the burqa to stress a fact, so what!

When one is dealing with Mr Brandis one often has to resort to wearing the actual paint they are always endeavouring to prove.

BURQA: Yvonne Rance believes Pauline Hanson should be applauded for her stance in Parliament recently.

BURQA: Yvonne Rance believes Pauline Hanson should be applauded for her stance in Parliament recently.

She got it right.

Brandis continues to stubbornly get it wrong playing the high ground of position of authority along with his parliamentary cheer squad.

It sure as hell doesn't give the people of our nation any cause to jump for glee knowing this what we have in charge of our safety.

We take second priority to a garment (called a sacred religious habit) and therefore those who wear it mustn't be offended no matter what.

But its okay to offend us in our country under our christian predominant religion, that does not entertain the wearing of the burqua, alien to our society.

This garment has a usage for terrorist trigger happy intent (for all we know) yet such a possible risk is considered as being okay for us to wear.

Mr Brandis needs to be replaced by someone else with the courage to put the safety of the people first instead of pampering to minority groups of newcomers who when in Australia, do as we do and get rid of it for all the right reasons. Safety first.

With the whole world on edge we need to be on our mettle and suspect anything and eliminate anything that even might jeopardise our safety.

Its not in the best interest of our nation to be complacent and go on pretending we can trust the wearing of the burqa in these dangerous times we are facing.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.