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No equality under the eyes of ‘Him’

Does it ever occur to the gay activists as to who is really behind the blocking of their every avenue they explore to get their own way (that is contrary) to His will?

Let's not under estimate the power of the unseen Almighty for nothing is impossible with Him.

Had He wanted gay marriage He (not us) would have made provision for it in His biblical word.

There is none but He does make it loud and clear (in His word) that "homosexuality is an abomination unto the Lord".

therefore why is our nation entertaining the need to be overruling God's authoritative jurisdiction when our Constitutional laws are based on His Christian values our government is supposed to be upholding?

The rhetoric of this whole argument on behalf of 1.3 per cent of the nation holding the rest to ransom over an issue of this nature shows political correctness gone crazy.

The issues the people need and want addressed are being bypassed to concentrate on something that should never have gotten so much clout in the first place.

It warrants no significance in the eyes of God so why is it being given unnecessary priority over Him.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

Brave words Yvonne, but we respect you and your opinion on the issue.

All we ask at The Area News is anyone willing to share their opinions with us respect the right to offer alternate opinions on the gay marriage issue.

We also hope readers build their arguments on information gathered from numerous points of view, rather than spruik an opinion based on a single factor or emotional attachment.

Ben Jones, Area News editor.

Basin plan inquiry must have balance

An inquiry or Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin Plan must not be a selective attempt to achieve political gain.

It must take into account all aspects of a plan which continues to fail regional communities, according to Goulburn Valley Speak Up spokesperson Robert Danieli.

He added political interference was the main reason for the plan’s shortcomings, and as such any future inquiry must be independent.

Mr Danieli said there was merit in calls by a group of South Australian politicians for a judicial inquiry, as well as various suggestions for a Senate Inquiry or Royal Commission.

Speak Up Campaign.

We deserve better

The people of Griffith need a brand new hospital (not a patched up one).

Look how long it has taken to get a new ambulance station.

Why settle for less when we ought to expect the right to a fully equipped, fully functional set up, deserved by the community of our area.

With country towns it has become a case of out of sight out of mind.

Time to get noticed and get the ball rolling (big time) instead of settling for less which is what this government is hoping for.

Its got past the being grateful for small mercies time rose to the challenge and dare to do for the collective well being of the whole, its called people power for the people by the people.

If we settle for less, then less we will get.

Make your voices heard heard when next time the big wigs come to town.

Let's not be short changed.

We deserve better.

NEW: Yvonne Rance believes, 'the people of Griffith need a brand new hospital (not a patched up one)'.

NEW: Yvonne Rance believes, 'the people of Griffith need a brand new hospital (not a patched up one)'.

Go for it and watch it happen.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

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