Andrea Martinello's uni life - the gap year

To be or not to be, to gap year or not to gap year?

The intense pressures of having to decide your future can be confusing.

So I am going to have a look into why so many of us take a gap year after high school.

Unfortunately the article may be written with a slightly biased view towards gap years as I have taken two gap years.

Andrea Martinello.

Andrea Martinello.

The first was after high school where working three jobs helped filled the bank.

The second was two years into a university degree where working in the USA as a camp counsellor and as a nanny in the UK, created fantastic memories and emptied the bank.

As Mark Twain once said, “don’t let your schooling interfere with your education”.

Life experiences are just as valuable as what can be learned at school.

For example, after looking after kids overseas for eight months I now know that childcare is definitely not the career for me.

But everyone is different and the adventures I had and the people I met are unforgettable.

We are lucky here in Griffith.

We have many businesses accommodating indecisive students.


Working during vintage season for the local wineries is one of the most common choices for temporary work.

You’re not alone if you have been told we won’t get a financially rewarding or fulfilling job without a higher education.

If university isn’t for you, here are some facts from Business Insider to silence the haters: electricians, maintenance and farming managers, dental hygienists, car sales executives are some of the highest paid jobs not requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Anyone at any age can start a university or TAFE course, so our decisions to change or further our careers does not need to happen in our teens or early 20s.

Yes, Griffith is far from the main cities but not far enough that courses by correspondence cant reach us.

A gap year is an excellent way to avoid adulthood by sponging off your parents a little bit longer, hold onto your high school friends and attempt to figure out what makes you happy.

From completing a year of nursing at university and now loving my journalism degree I now actually have a few gap years under my belt.

I am living proof it is okay to change your mind and take a break every now and then.