2MIA has its licence renewed and seeks greater community content

After a long battle with bureaucracy, community radio station 2MIA has had its broadcasting licence renewed – paving the way for the station to progress into its fourth decade. 

The board of Griffith Community FM Association Inc. began work last October on renewing the broadcast licence for 2MIA.

Last week, station president Dolf Murwood received a letter saying that the regulators saying “the licence will be renewed prior to the expiry date of the current licence”.

“People don’t realise the amount of paperwork that needs to be done for the renewal for the licence,” Anna Rosetto, board member said.

2MIA is very grateful for the support it receives from the Griffith City Council, the service clubs such as Griffith Rotary and Rotary Avanti, our valued sponsors, and the community in general.

“All the presenters get blown away but the amount of phone calls and messages of support they receive from the community,” Murwood said.

2MIA is run entirely by volunteers, presenters are not paid, and donations keep the network afloat. 

Mr Murwood urged continued community support, with renovations desperately needed, and a van being serviced by Owen Toyota needed to provide for outside broadcasts. 

2MIA, broadcasts live from the Griffith studios from 9am until between 10 and midnight most days. Seeking to boost community content, members are looking for a late night-shift presenter to cover midnight to 5am.  

If you’d like to help out, please get in touch via their revamped website https://www.2miafm.org.au/, where you can also tune in to the station digitally.