Letters to the editor: Area News, July 17 2017.

Brian’s beard bonanza

Not only did Hay resident Brian Jarratt’s beard go, so did his hair in support of the World’s Greatest Shave (The Area News online – 34 year big beard shed for $15,000).

Brian’s $15,000 towards the grand total of $28,000 from the GOOLGOWI community and the Star family’s fund raising efforts is to be commended. From a small community, this is indeed a wonderful contribution to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Many thanks to all the people who sponsored the participants who ‘braved and shaved’.

My husband has a blood related cancer and I too do the ‘shave’ every year.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Gloria Velleley, Belrose.

Country Hope

#GRIFFITH: @indecisionsthegame - Thanks for being good to us x

#GRIFFITH: @indecisionsthegame - Thanks for being good to us x

ON BEHALF of the Griffith and Leeton Country Hope Fundraising Group we would like to thank the Leeton Pieces 'n' Patches group for their amazing and dedicated work at the exhibition held recently in Leeton. 

The funds raised on the weekend will be used to support the six very sick Leeton children and their families in flights, accommodation, medical treatment and specialist appointments in Sydney. 

Once again, thank you. 

Bev Devery, Griffith Country Hope.

Basin Plan impacts on entire community

Local businesses are being denied the chance to employ people, including apprentices, let alone expand their operation.

Those in the agricultural sector are most affected, but they are certainly not the only ones suffering from reduced farm income throughout the NSW Murray region.

A business which continues the see the stark reality of less production in the region is Taskers Deniliquin, which has been operating for almost 90 years.

Third generation owner Jamie Tasker has seen the impact of reduced water for food and fibre production in recent times.

This impact was highlighted by a report released this month which estimated the cost at the farm gate of removing water from productive use in the NSW Murray is $120 million per year.

But it’s worth a lot more than that to the local community, especially when the multiplier effect is considered.

Jamie Tasker points out that less production means there is less money being spent in town on contractors, fertiliser and chemical distribution companies, truck operators carting grain and a whole host of other businesses.

“With less money from production there are less people employed on farm and past the farm gate, so there are less families buying groceries, clothes or going out for a meal.

“A vast range of businesses supplying all imaginable goods and services are forced to suffer. It’s not just those directly involved in the agricultural sector,” Mr Tasker said.

He pointed out that with less available jobs there is population decline, which leads to fewer school students and therefore fewer teachers.

There can also be an impact on the range of health services and number of doctors.

“The list is never-ending. And what for? Where is the unequivocal scientific evidence that proves the amount of water taken from productive use for the environment is needed?

“The unfortunate and stark reality, as everyone with a thorough knowledge of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan knows, is that this is a political plan and we are pawns caught in a political game.

Speak Up Campaign, Deniliquin.

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