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#GRIFFITH: @veronicachiaiese - Magical Australia! (Lake Wyangan).
#GRIFFITH: @veronicachiaiese - Magical Australia! (Lake Wyangan).

The silencing of balanced and fruitful argument

Are we really surprised with yet another removal (of our rights of humble efforts of keeping close to someone lost) becoming a council right?

There isn't much left that governments past and present haven't already taken having sold us out to everyone everywhere else.

Thanks to them we have lost our Aussie culture, our rights under the politically correct thumb, our all important industries (that kept everyone in a job), Aussie icons never to be regained, our moral standards and values trampled underfoot and replaced with secular societies loose values called progress.

Our sense of decency also sacrificed to appease causes.

Should someone be game enough to mention God's name (like Margaret Court) their doing so has them shot down in flames.

Good on her, she has my support.

Isn't it interesting if a letter writer does so to the major newspapers how quickly their letter goes to print (but only does it see the light of day) if it happens to coincide with a cause that paper is peddling and the letter writer becomes the flavour of the day.

Today most newspapers silence what was once considered a fair balance of views as the status quo.

Today we have imbalance due to the anti discrimination act so that minority groups and their never ending causes are allowed the upper hand so as to give the impression that the majority are in agreeance with them (when they aren't).

Its just the minority control (of voice) over the majority.

Yes, even the cemetery decision comes under this category another small step to gaining even more power over the people.

We get what we allow and the only time we truly (as far as we know) get a chance to change what we disapprove of is on election day.

Yet despite the opportunity to do so people continue to be gluttons for punishment wilfully putting back into office the very ones causing their misery.

Time to off load these culprits, Labor, Greens and Coalition, all fraudulent in their loyalty to the people they claim to serve.

It makes no common sense to be reinforcing their mischief and motivations at our own expense.

Time to take a leap of faith on trust.

Time to dare to do for the Commonwealth good, time to believe in someone else offering them a more favourable alternative that does not bully the Aussie people into a one sided hoodwinked submission calling them (as is) racists, bigots and homophobics because they choose not to fall into line with impropriety.

If we dig in our heels and remain complacent then by our very voting decision we will be inviting for our future generations communism as a rule of thumb to be living under.

We owe it to our nation, our God, our people and all those millions of lives lost in wars as well as to those who fought and came home to keep us and our nation free from evil.

As John F. Kennedy said "do not ask what your nation can do for you, ask what you can do for your nation."

Indeed so, next time around.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

Energy jokes

What a joke our governments are with our energy.

Australia has at least a thousand years worth of coal, oil, gas and nuclear power worth trillions of dollars and all they want to talk about is wind farms solar energy.

Global warming is just nonsense.

The climate has been changing since day one and will continue to do so.

While other countries prosper with our cheap coal and gas we are going backwards.

It seems our government are that stupid they make a house brick look smart.

Laurie Sutcliffe, Griffith.