Hannah Higgins rates 3 brothers in Yenda's famous "triple threat" burger

When The Area News did a poll on the best burger in Griffith, many readers rang, emailed and demanded we include 3 Brothers  in Yenda in our survey.

The small locally owned business – celebrating its first anniversary this week – is famous for producing gigantic gourmet burgers. The biggest is the “triple threat” burger, which includes three beef patties, each weighing 250g.

Burgers are also accompanied with stuffed chilli, chips and onion rings to ensure nobody is left hungry.

Owner Erin Strickland said, “I bone out all of our own meat from carcass and only add salt and pepper to our burger patties so you get real flavour”.

Every second Saturday night is when they fire up the smoker barbecue, with the burgers taking more than two and a half hours to prepare. 

Our burger expert, Hannah Higgins, took on their biggest smoked burger and rated it against five criteria – taste, value for money, visual appeal, sturdiness and fillingness.

Ms Higgins – who possesses the rare skill of being able to eat all the fried meat she wants without ever putting on weight – seemed to meet her match. 

Taste – 9/10

Ms Higgins said she found the smokey taste and smell of the burger just irresistible. She thought about giving it a 10 but settled on 9 so she’d have room to move.

Value for money – 9/10

“There’s enough here to feed a small country," Ms Higgins said. 

Mr Strickland’s burgers are a little more expensive than most, costing between $18 and $35. But you may not have to eat again for the week, if you can get through it.

With chips and onion rings on the side, Ms Higgins felt she got bang for her buck.

Visual appeal – 9/10

Ms Higgins looked as if she’s just entered the gates to heaven when Mr Strickland presented the burger in front of her. 

Sturdiness – 7/10

Ms Higgins’ small hands were never going to be big enough to hold the foot-high burger, so it did fall away a little. 

“I had one customer, Shaun Carter, who managed to eat his whole burger by hand and then half his wife’s burger,” Mr Strickland said. 

But such feats are rare. Fork and knife are provided for mortals. 

Fillingness – 10/10

Ms Higgins only managed to make her way through half a kilo of meat on the burger, leaving a full patty to be taken in a doggy bag. 

She struggled to make it back to the office. None of us who had a burger for lunch ate any dinner, and some missed breakfast the next day. 

Overall score – 44/50