Hanwood Blue and West Griffith finish level in GDFA

Hanwood Blue and West Griffith have come away from their match at Hanwood with a 1-1 draw on Sunday afternoon.

Both sides made the most of penalties in either half in a hard-fought encounter where it was hard to see a clear winner.

Wests coach Luke Sharples was pleased his side were able to come away with the point.

“That was one of those games which could have gone either way,” he said.

“We have been unlucky through the season that is one of the games that earlier on in the season they would have knicked a goal. 

“All in all quite happy but obviously gutted not to win. A point is a point but we really wanted three points today.”

Hanwood were awarded a first-half penalty after Wests’ David Delgigante was deemed to have handled the ball in the box.

Blue’s coach Luke Papandrea stepped up to take the penalty and after being told to retake slotted the second one home as well.

The home side held out until halftime but upon the resumption Wests game out with desire in their eyes.

While the first three good chances the side created went unrewarded the foot skills of Luke Keefe eventually saw them rewarded.

Keefe was brought down in the area after he knocked the ball away from the defence and then delivered the equaliser with a well-taken spot kick.

Sharples was pleased with how his side carried out their game plan and it clearly showed their fitness levels are improving.

“I think we made the pitch really wide and we tried to get the ball to the fullbacks as soon as well could and straight away from the keeper we were looking to do that as much as possible,” he said.

“I like that because then we were able to create so much space for us to try and get on the ball.

“In the second half as soon as I came on I tried to get us to shift more into getting it into the centre mids (sic) and opening up to make those diagonal passes.

“I think we got a lot of joy from that trying to get the all nice and wide and nice and high quite quickly.”

In a game like this one, Sharples felt it was difficult to single out the performance of one in particular.

“There was a lot of effort put in by a lot of the boys Mick (Michael Walker) worked his nuts (sic) off in the first half,” he said.

“We had Tristian (Beltrame) working really hard and do some really good defensive stuff as well trying to get forward. Brodie (Keefe) was bright trying to get on the ball.

“I think there were so many people that put in so much work I would struggle to pick just one.”