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#GRIFFITH: @wineysuen - 1 in 4 glasses of #australianwine is grown in #griffith. I get it the be part of the story in securing water for this vital part of the Australian economy.
#GRIFFITH: @wineysuen - 1 in 4 glasses of #australianwine is grown in #griffith. I get it the be part of the story in securing water for this vital part of the Australian economy.

Agree or not, Margaret was brave

It takes a brave person to speak out and tell it how it really is in this day and age and God help anyone who dares to give the God given authority of fact on any issue let alone gay marriage like Margaret Court did.

It's no longer trendy to jump in and say nay only when one supports the minority causes do they shine.

It's always interesting as to how the troop celebrities come out on the defence for whatever the cause may be as though their status ought sway the view of those who oppose such causes, putting them down for doing so as though their view was a criminal offence.

The backlash this week directed at Margaret Court, a classic example of such behaviour.

Reminds one of that someone else over 3,000 years ago who also spoke out about what was right from wrong.

He covered every subject and he too got the backlash, was hounded verbally, even crucified for defending what was right in God's sight.

The message back then was knocked down the same as it is today.

We live in a world where evil is being allowed to overtake what is of good report and good men (worldwide) are being silenced and ridiculed to enable it to flourish.

People like Margaret Court who stated a fact are driven into some kind of backward once upon a time society view that doesn't meld into today's outlook calling it progress.

Sam Stozer needed publicity so she jumped on the progressive bandwagon refusing to play at the Margaret Court Arena.

Do we really care?

I certainly don't.

Martina Navratilova (another gay woman) a super duper player got to give her view without being shred to pieces and shot down as though she had no right do do so, but Margaret wasn't permitted to have her view because it differed with the cause being plugged.

The words homophobic and racist are being allowed (by government persuasions) to be too loosely and conveniently used every time people with contrary causes can't get their own way.

Its never clever to try to overrule our constitutional laws for any reason for it will always backfire.

It’s also never clever to try and force people to do what they disapprove of as they become all the more determined to uphold their factual beliefs, like Margaret Court has done from a biblical authority from God and Martina has done from a lifestyle that is gay and acceptable by secular society.

Both see it differently and both feel right from their side of the court.

The sensible and allowable by law thing to do is to take this issue to the people via a referendum.

A plebiscite is not legally binding and therefore a waste of time and money.

The government (by way of those who are gay and others supportive) do not have the constitutional right to make this decision on gay marriage, only the people can.

Now we keep hearing 68 per cent of the people approve, this being the case, let's put it to the test and either God's will (on which our constitutional laws are based, on biblical authority, the people follow) or secular society will deliver.

Time to get it sorted once and for all.

Yvonne Rance, Griffith.

Rankins Springs goes Big

Rankins Springs CWA is holding a Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser at Wally's Junk Art Gallery on Tuesday, June 20 from 9.30am.

We will be having a cake stall and a competition for the best decorated cupcake.

$5 donation for plate of home baked goodies and bottomless cuppa!

I thought I would let you know in case someone wanted to head down to the Springs and do an article in the newspaper. 

Annette White, Rankins Springs CWA.