Community radio station 2MIA getting in on Australia's vinyl revival

Miss that old crackling sound you used to hear at the start of a song? 

Tune into 2MIA radio station, 95.1 FM.

While digital content dominates the playlist of most radio stations, Griffith’s community station 2MIA is turning back the clock using classic vinyl records in a number of their shows. 

Scott Williams, host of Sunday Jazz with Scott W, donated a record player and 80 of his mother’s favourite vinyl records. 

“There’s a certain art to vinyl records that conveys something different from that crisp digital sound,” he said. 

Mr Williams said the records were just gathering dust at his mother’s house. He noticed a number of the songs aren’t in 2MIA’s digital collection, so he thought why not put them to use . 

“There is everything from John Denver to Christopher Cross. The record player enables us to digitize the songs,” he said. 

John Bortolazzo, the 80-year-old presenter of the Morning Music Marathon, says at the moment the songs haven’t been transferred on to the computer, and listeners will be hearing them directly from the record player.

LPs are back in fashion across the Australia, recently overtaking the sale of CDs for the first time in decades. 

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that $15.1 million worth of records were sold across the country in 2016 – up 70 per cent on the previous year, according to data from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) show.

It was the sixth consecutive year that the industry has seen an increase in the demand for vinyl, with many audiophiles claiming that the pure sound is actually superior to what you hear from digital recordings. 

Others just like the fact that it's something tangible that can be collected. 

Mr Bortolazzo inherited a love of music. His father crafted and played violins, and he is a member of a church choir. You can hear his show on the airways on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9am and 1pm. 

His other passion is golf, and for the past 41 years he has penned a column on the sport for The Area News

Mr Williams presents his Sunday Jazz  program every Sunday evening between 6:30pm and 9pm. The show includes a mixture of Australian and international jazz, including a segment that features a prominent Australian jazz artist or group.

Another station stalwart is Gayle Schulz, who presents the Weekday Music Mix, every weekday between 1pm and 4pm. She mostly plays rock and country music from the 1950s and 1960s.

You can tune into the station on your radio at 95.1 FM or listen to their live streaming on their website.  

If you would like to volunteer at 2MIA or donate your vinyl records, contact them via email or on facebook