Griffith men heading to 2017 Hockey NSW Open Mens Field State Championship

THE GRIFFITH men’s representative side is heading into the 2017 Hockey NSW Open Men’s Field State Championship hoping to make it into the finals this time around.

The side will make the trip to Narellan on the June long weekend and compete in Division Three.

Last year the side experienced mixed results picking up a draw, a win and a forfeit and the side narrowly missed out on making the finals.

“Pretty good considering where we come from,” captain Andrew Sinclair said.

“But we will be trying to give it a shake up for sure this year.”

While they may be playing under the Wagga Wagga Combined Hockey Association, the team features players from the Griffith competition.

Sinclair is confident in the side they will be able to put on the park.

“We are looking pretty good we have much the same side that we had last year bar a couple of additions which will strengthen our side,” he said.

“We are responsibly confident we will be competitive.”

The side experience difficulties when playing in events like this because they are faced with a surface they are not as familiar with.

“We come off grass hockey all these guys normally play turf that we come up against,” he said.

“It's a different style of hockey which is why we are training here to get us use to the surface.

“A lot of our guys have good experience on the turf and some at that level so from where we come from we have a pretty good side this year.”

The side made the most of the facilities available to them using the tennis courts at Griffith Post School Options to get acclimatised to the quicker surface and Sinclair sees no reason why they can’t make the finals for this year.