Man sentenced to 14 months in jail after assaulting partner in a Griffith caravan park

A 22-year-old woman sits in a Griffith office, jaw swollen, eye grazed and beginning to close over – “It’s my fault, I don’t want to contact police, he’s just finished parole,” she tells the woman who rescued her.

The tale, was heard in Griffith Local Court on Wednesday, May 10, as the woman’s attacker was sentenced after he was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm following his actions towards her.

The Area News has chosen not to name the man so as to respect the woman’s privacy.

The trauma all began on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 11 when the woman and her now 24-year-old partner were having a verbal argument in a cabin at a Griffith caravan park, during which he accused her of cheating.

The woman denied his allegations, however this didn’t stop the argument from turning physical.

While the woman couldn’t say exactly how it happened the man then assaulted her, with enough force to leave her jaw swollen and sore.

He then left the cabin and drove away.

Left alone, the woman sat down outside on the front step of the cabin when a witness approached her and asked if she was okay.

“He hit me,” she said. “I’m just gunna [sic] get my phone and leave.”

After a while the witness left and was walking back towards the front office of the park when she saw the victim’s partner drive back in.

It was then she heard the victim start screaming.

Turning back to help she saw the 22-year-old woman fleeing from her attacker towards her.

Leading the victim to the safety of a front office the witness noticed she now also had a large graze on her right eye, which already was extremely swollen and beginning to close over, and asked the owner to contact police.

Police arrived the woman refused to provide them with any information, make a statement or allow them to take photos of her injuries. “I don’t want to go to court, I never want to see him again,” she told them.

“Like I’ll do an AVO but that’s it.”